Blogs for creative inspiration

The good people at Creative Boom have compiled a great list of 70 of the best blogs for creative inspiration, meaning that – and I quote – ‘you never need to go elsewhere or waste hours of your precious time scouring through the search engines.’ Sounds just the job – check it out here.

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The Madoc Vanguard – Neon Lies

The Madoc Vanguard’s latest track, ‘Neon Lies’, is now available at YouTube – check out their Facebook page at too.

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Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, girl

Image: Jenny Hval

What is immediately striking about Jenny Hval’s third studio album Apocalypse, girl is the Norwegian’s fearlessness in exploiting speech and melody to convey her highly individual worldview. More:

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Not Quite Light

Photographer Simon Buckley has been capturing Manchester’s Northern Quarter in the half light of early morning for his new Not Quite Light project. Check out his blog and some intriguing images here.

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Hearings (2)

‘The people in there are – how shall I put it? – more aesthetically pleasing.’

‘I see.’

‘So, I got rather drunk. I fell over racing home against my friend. I stayed down on the freezing road for a few minutes. I enjoyed this strange new perspective on life.’

‘Sounds fun.’

‘Well, I was unhurt except for a small cut on my knee.’

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Oh Land – Earth Sick

Image: Oh Land Released this month, Earth Sick, Oh Land’s fourth album, marks a return to the roots that launched her music career; writing, recording and producing everything herself at home, with the help of her closest friends, family and talents. Lead single ‘Head Up High’ is a euphoric, enormously uplifting release, with Oh Land pouring emotion into every note. Check it out here.

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A trick of the light

She thought the reason she got on with just about everyone she met was because they could all see something of themselves in her face. They didn’t want to believe that she could be her own person. Her appearance had certainly changed a lot. But too much in the way of perfection was dull. She used to say that she quite liked being a ghost, and she could be very quiet at times. But life was not about being passive.

She walked down the wet grey street, thoughts of the week gone filling her mind. There were shops here that she had never had time to look around, and now did not want to almost out of superstition. Things had been looking up lately, and perhaps the shops were a Pandora’s box of a kind, not to be opened for fear of unleashing fresh chaos. There were days when plans for the future came clearly to her, and answers seemed readily available; then there were times when the weeks blurred, she became tired, and rest was all she wanted. It was not too much to ask for; to recover, to face the next step. For the moment, she was grateful, and she lived on.

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