Ever see that particularly true-to-life scene in Family Guy where a house fly is shown buzzing around an open window and doesn’t know how to make it outside?

Wasted five precious lunchtime minutes dealing with a similar situation today. Karma’s still flowing, however – didn’t resort to swatting it…

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Tom Vek – Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)

Image: Tom Vek

Tom Vek is set to release a brand new album on June 9th via Moshi Moshi Records. Over the course of a decade-long career Vek has forged a reputation as one of London’s most enigmatic and exciting musicians. Check out the video for the first track, ‘Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)’ here.

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Go Native – Atom Heart


Formed in 2013, Go Native have already been making waves on the Manchester circuit, winning praise from New Order’s Peter Hook. Now signed to Scruff of the Neck records, their debut EP, Sleep Patterns, was released earlier this month. Watch the video for the captivating ‘Atom Heart’ here.

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The Mouth of Ghosts – You Will Go Again From Me


The Mouth of Ghosts return in 2014 with a genre-melding EP, You Will Go Again From Me, set for release on 16 March. Check out deliciously dark new track ‘Wrong’ here.

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Blank page, white rage

Sometimes it’s not easy to get started. But you make a start anyway. It would be easier, you reason, not to; to idle away for a while longer. But there’s always something there. Something that wants you to do ‘more’ – to be ‘more’.

You wonder: what is this ‘more’, that something else? Is it to be something ‘greater’, or just to do something ‘different’? To be always on the move – that is one thing. But to arrive… to arrive…

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Music and art as one in Manchester

21-year-old Manchester artist and musician Jordan Bolton has created a fascinating series of poster-style artworks of iconic Manchester acts – including the Stone Roses, the Smiths and John Cooper Clarke – for his exhibition Still Lives: Music in Manchester, 1976-1992. More:

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A thousand crossings

Bridges. Taken for granted to carry us from here to there. Yet many have a rich story behind them – especially so in Manchester, arching over the network of canals, waterways and railways that live on from the great age of the Industrial Revolution. Remnants of a past when Manchester produced and traded goods, many of its bridges hint at the scale and ambition that drove its development as the first modern, manufacturing city. A section of David Boardman’s A Manchester View offers an interesting guide to a number of the city’s bridges and the part they have played in a brick-lined, metal-wrought world. More:

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